Bikin Panas Pela Rutong

Rumahkai Ceremonies held in Rutong (Ambon), 1974

Close-up of girl.

Close-up of girl.

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Boats from Rumahkai arriving at shore of Rutong (32kb) Women being carried ashore. (33kb) Pohon Mange-2; Sacred symbol of this Pela Gandong.  (34kb) Crowd waiting at beach. (30kb)
Nora Raja Maspaitella greets Raja Korputty. (38kb) Old women dancing and swaying at beach. (24kb) All people from both villages are wrapped in Kain Elahua symbolizing that they are from the same womb. (34kb) View from the rear. (32kb)
Crowd at Baileu (Village Council House). (28kb) Rajas (Village Heads) at ceremony in front of Baileu. (39kb) Jojaro (nubile girls) dancing Tarian Lenso (Handkerchief Dance). (26kb) Close-up of girl. (17kb)
Rumahkai Girls dancing Hawaiian Hula Dance. (30kb) Batu Pemali (sacred stone) in Negeri Lama (original settlement) of Rutong.  (40kb)