Course Offering on the History and Culture of Maluku

Dr. Bartels is considering offering a course on Moluccan History and Culture in 2011, starting either in February or March, and would like to poll if there is interest for it worldwide. He envisions a course that has a regular U.S. semester length of 16 weeks that also can be self-paced, i.e. a student can finish the course earlier or later. It will be a non-credit course open to anyone regardless of educational background. The student will receive a Certificate of Completion signed by Dr. Bartels.

The course will be taught in English and Dutch based on Dr. Bartels' publication, In the Shadow of Mount Nunusaku /In de Schaduw van de Berg Nunusaku, which will be available as e-books in either language. Aside from a reasonable purchase price for the book, a low, affordable fee for the course is required, mainly as a sign of commitment.

Details need to be worked out. Suggestions are encouraged from any potential student. If you are interested in participating in such a course, e-mail Dr. Bartels at as soon as possible.