Het Geheugen van Nederland:
Molukse geschiedenis en cultuur in beeld

Nederlands website

The Memory of the Netherlands:
Moluccan history and culture in pictures

English website

Indonesia Journal

Published by Cornell University's Southeast Asia Program, Indonesia features an extensive archive of original scholarly articles, interviews, translations, and book reviews.


'Enduring and inviolable brotherhood'
21st-century violence overwhelms ancient peace-keeping system

Article by John Filiatreau


Moluks Historisch Museum

This unique museum has also become a research institution and a cultural center featuring music and folklore events, theatrical performances and lectures.

Update: The Museum Maluku has closed its doors permanently on October 1st 2012.

Landelijk Steunpunt Molukkers LSEM

Organization supporting education of Moluccans in The Netherlands.

Toko Buku Maluku

Book store specializing in books about Moluccans anywhere in the world and related subjects. Also publishes books, teaching materials and maps.

Mae Panama Molukse Maaltijden

If you are in The Netherlands, don’t miss to visit this authentic Moluccan Specialty Food Store & Catering Business. Be warned, this website will make you hungry. mmm...

Old Maluku.Net

Joe Devon, a friend from my earliest time in the Moluccas, is an “Old Moluccan Hand” who has collected many odd stories on his site as well as an Ambon-Malay - English dictionary and Buru-English dictionary .

Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology

“The main theme of the Institute’s research programme is the comparative analysis of contemporary social transformation, which also characterises the Institute’s contributions to anthropological theory building. Extended fieldwork is an essential part of all research projects as it facilitates close-up observation of processes at work in different societies.”

The Project Group Legal Pluralism is headed by two Indonesianists, Franz and Keebet von Benda-Beckmann, who also worked in the Moluccas. Keebet furthermore headed a study of Moluccan women at COMT, Leiden.

Maluku Tenggara

Website dealing with Southeast Maluku

Maluku Web Portal

Links to many more resources.

Tamara Maria

Dutch Bossa Nova Singer


Famous Moluccan Band


The site for songs/lyrics from the Moluccas