Nunusaku Ethnofilm Productions and Consultancy (NEPAC) is a small company specializing in the independent production of ethnographic documentary digital videos. We are executing qualitative and quantitative projects in the fields of Cultural and Applied Anthropology, covering topics such as multiculturalism, social integration, social conflict, inter-ethnic and inter-religious strife (specializing in Moslem-Christian relationships), migration, and refugee issues.

(1) Consultation:

We will give advice and guidance on the planning and production of (ethnographic) documentaries both on the professional and hobby levels. This includes help with the creation of more sophisticated “Home Movies” shot at family occasions, vacations, etc. It also encompasses methods in “Digital Storytelling” for those who want to tell their life story or specific episodes in their lives or those of others. Furthermore, we offer consultations on the use of multimedia in ethnographic research and teaching, as well as use of ethnographic visual methods in business and industry

(2) Non-Linear Editing

We will edit small to medium video projects for you. One of our specializations is the editing of “Travelogues”, i.e. the footage you shot on your video camera on vacations.

(3) Video Production:

We will produce “Visual Mementos” such as video records of life cycle events (births, weddings, confirmations, and funerals). We also produce “Promotional Videos” for business and industry.

(4) DVD Creation:

We also can transfer your visual media (photos, film, etc) onto DVDs.